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    Posted on February 27, 2012 by Top Bali Tour in Bali Culture.

    This is a traditional Balinese house where I Wayan Sila and his family live. Balinese Compound called Karang Sikut Satak, was built based on traditional Balinese architectural principles, such as Asta Kosala Kosali and Asta Bumi.

    The compound consists of :
    1. Angkul-angkul: the main entrance.
    2. Pawon: the kitchen.
    3. Jineng: the granary, where food stock is kept.
    4. Bale Dauh/ Bale Loji: the bedroom of the family head, located on the west side.
    5. Bale Dangin: located on the east side, also called Bale Saka Roras (a building with 12 posts), where manusa yadnya (ceremonies held in someone’s life) ceremonies are held.
    6. Gedong/ Meten: also called Bale Daja, the bedroom of the family’s oldest member and where valuables are kept.

    Each component has not only operational functions, but also esthetic and symbolic functions, which can only be explained in detail when we are in the compound area. Before entering this compound, we pass a fairly wide yard/ garden with tropical fruit plants, such as mango, rambutan, banana, pineapple, jackfruit, etc.

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